Indy 500 – 100th Running ?>

Indy 500 – 100th Running

We arrived in Indianapolis Wednesday and the town was buzzing ! Record crowds were expected and an announcement was made that the race tickets were sold out for the first time in the history of the track. With that announcement the local TV ban was lifted for the 1st time in 66 years.

driver in training
driver in training
2016-05-25 12.59.52
new entrance

We had a non stop week with Carb Day Friday where we watched the final 500 practice, Indy Lights racing, team pit competitions, and ended the night with a Journey concert.


Saturday continued with the 500 Parade where crowds were around 300,000 and then we rested up for the Blake Shelton Concert at the track.
2016-05-28 17.12.03









With crowds of 350,000 expected for race day and since Fred was so successful as Sleepybear security the Indiana State Police tried to recruit Fred to work the race.
2016-05-27 16.05.50

Race day Sunday was crazy – the crowds and characters were amazing. Nancy made some new friends.

crazy indy guys
crazy Indy guys

Next up -I am dragging Fred to Amana Colonies in Amana Iowa, which is the home of one of the longest lived communal society which began in 1714 in the villages of Germany……. Whoo Hoo!


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  1. I’m not sure, but when a bunch of state troopers surrounded me, my dad usually got a call and a bill. Being “recruited” is a story I wasn’t smart enough to come up with. Once again, you’re my hero! jake

  2. What a start to your trip!
    Great concerts, I’m jealous
    Keep sending updates, love reading them .
    All good in PGI

  3. Everyone find a friend! I love the updates and wish we were on this epic journey with you!

  4. Thanks for making the 100th running so much more exciting for us. We really enjoyed your company and thank you for your kind hospitality!

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