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Month: August 2016

The Death Race ?>

The Death Race

So how would you feel if you pull into a campground and see this banner?   This is an adventure race of epic proportions.   Most of the course is very remote.  The aid stations are far apart.  Much of the terrain is extreme.  Endure 78 miles of extreme mountain trails, three mountain summits, 17,000 ft elevation change and a major river crossing.  Are they certifiable?                       FAQ: Has anyone…

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Icefields Parkway ?>

Icefields Parkway

Icefields Parkway – a scenic drive that winds its way between Jasper and Lake Louise passing through the Columbia Icefield and providing stunning views of the Athabasca Glacier.  We found a really cool app called gypsy that narrated the drive.  It was interesting to understand the things we were passing that we would not have know.  The views were stunning.     While we have shown you many glaciers (and this is the last one) not many of them are accessible to tourists.  When…

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Ode to the 2016 Cwynar Summer Odyssey ?>

Ode to the 2016 Cwynar Summer Odyssey

Fred and Nancy left….on a traveling Summerfest Cried they – Alaska here we come….on the way, let’s have some fun From Florida rolled pups and pop….on course to see Nyquist finish on top Then off to another town….on to hear Zach Brown Rolling through Corn country on the go….on the way to Winnebago Two wheels were called on next….off to Sturgis motorcycle fest Badlands beauty came into view….on board the coach waited Liz and Lou So North through Canada goes…

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Off the grid in Destruction Bay ?>

Off the grid in Destruction Bay

On our way to the border we stopped overnight at Destruction Bay.  The main attraction was the Burl Bowl Roadside Shop.  A Burl is a knob that grows on a tree and then is carved into bowls.                     A beautiful and remote area. No cell, no internet and no satellite TV. So what do you do?                           And get…

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