The Pig Adventure ?>

The Pig Adventure

On our way from the mountains to Chicago we stopped once again at Fair Oaks Farm in Indiana. Those of you who followed us last year now we did the cow tour. So this year it was time for the pig tour.



It was really interesting to learn all the medical purposes for pig parts.






It was equally interesting to learn about the breeding of pigs.

Step 1,  They let them eat until they reach about 250 lbs this takes only about 6 months because they gain 2 lbs a day.



Step 2, They move to barn 2 where they are artificially inseminated and monitored through their pregnancy. Each pig has an RFID tag that tracks what they eat and when to make sure they are gaining the appropriate amount of weight.



Step 3, They move to barn 3 where they stay until the baby pigs are born.  The average litter is 12-14 but they have had a record setting 27! Ouch.



About 200 pigs are born each day.  I got to see this little guy 2 hours old.



Other interesting facts:



And for the love of bacon:







Truth be told the best part of the stop is stopping in the gift shop for cheese and ice cream!

Next stop, Chi town.


















6 thoughts on “The Pig Adventure

  1. Gaining 2 lbs/day – wow! That’s like Christmas-time at our house.
    Keep up the great travelogue!

  2. Holy cow! (I mean Pig), I didn’t know all those facts, thanks for sharing. Looks like pigs and I have the 2 lbs a day weight gaining in common 🙂

    We will have to add this to our list of stops the next time I’m in Indiana.
    Safe travels to Chicago!

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