We thought we were just going to Sutton’s Bay ?>

We thought we were just going to Sutton’s Bay

This is our second time back to this area and we are still finding out what a unique place it is!

On our first trip Linda and Frank Muller took us to Sleeping Bear Dune and introduced us to the cherry capitol of the country.  This time we really began to understand more about this area and not just the wineries (which would be good enough reason to come back every year).




The steep terrain and large bodies of water produce a milder climate than areas further inland. The Leelanau Peninsula is known as one of the best Michigan wine regions. The peninsula is also a  fruit region growing apples and tart cherries. The cheese is pretty good too.

This trip we were kayaking on the Crystal River. We paddled through the gentle currents and clear water for a 3 hour tour. It was a beautiful area and great fun with our friends.





Our tour guide “Tiny”  showed us how to shoot through the tunnels.




It was also the day of the total eclipse.  Thanks for Fred’s planning ahead we had our glasses and champagne ready  for a festive viewing.




Here is our photographer.



We also went exploring the peninsula to view the northern most lighthouse.



It was a windy day and we were surprised by the huge waves.  It looked like the ocean.





Did you know…that Lake Michigan was used for a training grounds for aircraft carriers?  WHHAAAAAAAAAAT!



Isn’t that amazing!  Next stop…..back to the mountains.



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