Running from Irma ?>

Running from Irma

Well we never thought a bus trip would involve going from something instead of going to something.

We arrived home for the Labor Day holiday and brought the bus in for regular maintenance. Got settled at home and started to enjoy our routine.  That quickly changed.



Just one week later we started following the hurricane season in Fl.

We have to admit we are rookies at this.  We did have a home in PGI with Charlie but we were up north for the event. We did learn how to brace a garage door!

As the events unfolded we went back and forth on what we would do. But our bus was still in for service so it really became a game time decision.

When the line of impact started moving west on a regular basis we started with our preparation.  Our bus was ready on Friday so we decided to high tail it out.

The route out was not as bad as the “fake news” was reporting.  Especially on the Interstate had plenty of gas and water.  The construction zones did require a little patience.  They even opened up the shoulder to move cars. The rest stops looked like block party’s.



It was interesting to see all the south bound traffic preparing for the aftermath. Tree clearing:



Electric trucks


We also saw electric poles truck, EMS trucks, gas tankers being escorted by the state police.


When we left we knew we needed to be self sufficient because all the RV parks were full.  This is dry camping, using your own water and waste tanks and generator for power.  SURPRISE…our generator was not working. It looked like other people were preparing too.



So while we were traveling we were also contacting Cummins dealer (the manufacturer of our generator).  The bad news was that they were all closing for the weekend and for the storm.  The good news is that little did we know they have RV hook ups! Yeah!





We stopped in Ocala for the evening, at the dealer, and we had our pick of spots and a nice area for the pups. After studying the national hurricane center forecast we decided to go northeast away from the storm and to the closest Cummins dealer. So we headed to Jacksonville for the day.

Looks like we still need to go north so it is likely now that we will be heading up to Savannah or into South Carolina.  Another game time decision.

Hope you all are in a good place, with love ones and comfort food and drinks.


Next up…up to Irma

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  1. So glad you got out of dodge. Lives matter.
    I’ve been following your adventures and really enjoy the comments and pictures.
    Thanks for the opportunity to travel with you.

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