Irma 2.0 ?>

Irma 2.0

We are in Atlanta with full services courtesy of Cummins. We were relieved last night to hear that Irma weakened before it went through Punta Gorda. So the wait begins to see what the storm surge will bring and how all our friends and family are.

Early this morning we began to hear about conditions via social media that the area appeared to have limited loss.  We wanted to see how our family members had done. We then wanted to hear specifically how our house had done.  Did we still have a boat? Pool cage?

Great news, our family  members were also high and dry.  More good news our boat and house were secure.  Yeah! Thanks to Midge for the pics.




So Irma 2.0 begins in Atlanta.  The people here are not use to any storms so the city is shut down.  No one at work, no public transportation, no one at the Cummins dealer.  So we sit tight and wait for the rain and wind to pass so we can get repaired and head back home. You can see the drama in the news. Here they were interviewing the national guard about evacuating people.



We don’t have a satellite signal so everyone is pretty bored.





But that leaves plenty of time for cuddles.



Next stop…?


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