As with any new toy, you need to use it to figure out all the bells and whistles.  A couple trips to the dealer and hopefully you are ready for a long road trip.

Our shake out included some fun short trips.  In February we had a group of 6 coaches go to Everglades City for the Seafood Festival.  We like to call it the SEE-food festival because we don’t eat the food.  Yes, we like fish but something about vats of food cooking all day does not sound appetizing.





They do have good music.





And we always update our belt buckles!



One of the reasons we like to go to Everglades City is because they have a beautiful motor coach resort. A gorgeous club house and pool with spots right on the water.







In March we went up to the St. Pete Grand Prix.  They close off the streets of St. Pete and race Indy cars  for three days. Our coach window is literally right on the race track.  It is quite the experience being this close.






The crowds are fun to watch too!



We were disappointed this year that there were not monster trucks! They were always a fan favorite.



We always enjoy having friends up for the day.





And then there are the super fans!



In April we went to Orlando to see Pink.  We had amazing tickets thanks for our friends, Larry & Stephanie.  The show was amazing! She is 38, two kids and is still flying around the stadium.









Later that same month we went to Ft. Myers to see Little Big Town.  This was just an excuse to get out on the coach.  We did enjoy the show.





Speaking of concerts, we want to give a shout out to our friends Sue and John for the Beach Boys concert.  It was a car trip, but still qualifies for the blog.





We head out May 15th for Key West and then move north with visits to Charleston, Asheville, Chicago, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Subscribe to our page and hop on the bus and enjoy the trip with us.

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Fred & Nancy








10 thoughts on “THE SHAKE OUT

  1. Wow, looks like you guys are truly living the dream. Enjoy your land cruising, I’m enjoying your blog.
    Safe travels.

  2. Ralph was a great help with the Grand Prix Pics. Just had a little bit of a touch time getting them out of the zip file and into our blog library. I’m sure it is operator error!

  3. Sounds like you have a start to a great summer! Have fun and enjoy your new ride.
    Richard & Helen

  4. Thanks, it sounds like you are having a busy summer too. We can compare notes when we get back to PGI.

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