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Month: July 2018

What do you do in Milton Wisconsin? ?>

What do you do in Milton Wisconsin?

We get asked that question all the time.  First you might want to know where is Milton WI ?  It’s a small town over the Illinois border west of Milwaukee……and the answer is: RELAX We golf, bike ride, take the puppies for long walks and build campfires.     The campground we stay at has excellent off leash areas.   We don’t know why but Lou and Liz decided they were hunting dogs, they went running from hole to hole putting…

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Home Sweet McHenry ?>

Home Sweet McHenry

After a fun week in the city we headed out to the suburbs where we raised our kids. We were looking forward to getting caught up with old friends. Thanks to Tamara and Gary for offering us a parking spot in their driveway!  Tam & Gary bought our home and became our friends.  They love it as much as we did and continue to make improvements.  They are great hosts and even let us use their boat for a tour…

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Not Really a Scary Place ?>

Not Really a Scary Place

To be sure, Chicago has a high number of murders: the city often records the highest absolute total killings each year.  On a per-capita basis — murders per 100,000 residents — the city regularly experiences fewer killings than places whose murder rates get far less national attention, like Kansas City, Missouri, or Cleveland. We have really good friends from Kansas City and Cleveland! Because Chicago has so many people, it can get a murder every day, and that gets people’s attention. …

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Apparently George Vanderbilt did! He called it his “little mountain escape”. We have been in the Asheville area before but never had the chance to tour this amazing house.  Many of our friends have raved about it and it did not disappoint.                 Some interesting facts: Construction of the house began in 1889 and continued well into 1896. In order to facilitate such a large project, a woodworking factory and brick kiln, which…

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