Home Sweet McHenry ?>

Home Sweet McHenry

After a fun week in the city we headed out to the suburbs where we raised our kids. We were looking forward to getting caught up with old friends.

Thanks to Tamara and Gary for offering us a parking spot in their driveway!  Tam & Gary bought our home and became our friends.  They love it as much as we did and continue to make improvements.  They are great hosts and even let us use their boat for a tour around the lakes.



















Thanks to Maureen for offering us a parking spot in her driveway! We enjoyed seeing all the improvements to your house.  Liz and Lou loved spending time in their old stomping grounds.

Thanks to Lina and Ed for offering us a parking spot in their driveway!  Ed made sure we had a primo spot at the Walmart and Lina  helped negotiate our spot in the parking lot of Pistake golf course.  It was good getting caught up and reminiscing about raising our kids.








Thanks to Jayne and Iver for offering us a parking spot in their driveway!  We had a great dinner at our favorite restaurant, Bimbo’s.  They also got us hooked on the Queen of hearts raffle at the VFW. The estimated $2.6 million pot for the Queen of Hearts game at McHenry Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 4600 has been creating lots of excitement and drawing big crowds for the bar.

A drawing is held at 8 p.m. every Tuesday. Ticket sales begin Wednesday and run until 7:55 p.m. the next Tuesday leading into the drawing, whenever the bar is open. There are 54 cards in the deck, placed randomly in envelopes and then numbered and placed on a board. On each ticket, people write their name and phone number along with the number on the board of any card remaining from the deck.Soon after 8 p.m. each Tuesday, one ticket is drawn from the bin.The number and name are read, and then the corresponding envelope from the display case near the bar is pulled.

The envelope then is opened, revealing the card inside.If the card is the queen of hearts, the ticket buyer wins 60 percent of the total pot, with the total pot next week set at $2,597,379.The pot is progressive and will roll over each week until the queen of hearts is drawn. We have been playing weekly and betting on number 25!  There are 15 numbers left.  Keep your fingers crossed.









Small town Americana, you gotta love it!

Next up Milton WI, yah hey there.


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