What do you do in Milton Wisconsin? ?>

What do you do in Milton Wisconsin?

We get asked that question all the time.  First you might want to know where is Milton WI ?  It’s a small town over the Illinois border west of Milwaukee……and the answer is: RELAX

We golf, bike ride, take the puppies for long walks and build campfires.



The campground we stay at has excellent off leash areas.   We don’t know why but Lou and Liz decided they were hunting dogs, they went running from hole to hole putting their snoots in as far as they would go.  We think it was either bunnies, field mice or chipmunks.  It was hilarious to watch them zig zag the field.  Louie would start digging a bigger hole to stick his nose in further.  At first Lizzie just watched him but by the end of the week she was a pro.





They also have some nice trails to walk  the forest and lake trail.





A nice “place” on the bench by the lake for Melissa our awesome dog trainer.





And of course we always check out the dog park.





They had some nice bike trails.  We got surprised a couple of times with some steep elevations.  Keep in mind, Fred is pulling the dogs which is an extra 100 pounds behind him.









And after a good ride………………





Our friends Jayne & Iver came up to see us so our bartenders were getting their drinks ready!







We got in a lot of golf while we were here.  We played our favorite little 9 hole course.






Then we also went to the local town course that is the home course for pro golfer Steve Stricker.





It was a great way to recharge our batteries!  Up next we are heading to the UP – Marquette Michigan,




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