Time in the Low Country ?>

Time in the Low Country

So why is it called the low country?

The Low Country (capital L, capital C) is the site of the Gullah traditions where the slaves were used on rice plantations, not cotton. There is a cuisine based mainly on seafood and rice. It is not a corn growing region and rice was more readily available than grits. Also, potatoes rotted quickly in the humid heat. So the Low Country Boil was done in the time of the new potato crop. It used the shrimp and fish that were too small to sell.

The coastal area along South Carolina and Georgia is considered a low country (lower case l & c) trail because it is at sea level or below. It is LOW. It’s also a great drive along and look at the marshland, salt water rivers and creeks. Just understand that this is not The Low Country. (Capital Letters…understand?)

Hilton Head island is part of the Low Country region in South Carolina. It is known for it’s beaches and golf courses. Harbor Town is a favorite stop with it’s shops, restaurants and water activities. The tide was so low when we were there that this kayak was beached and the wave runners came off a floating dock.

No trip in Sea Pines would be complete without a trip to the Salty Dog restaurant.

Hilton Head Island is the perfect place to bike. Rated as a Gold Level Bicycle Friendly Community by the American League of Bicyclists, with more than 60 miles of multi-use trails connecting you to everywhere you want to go, including the beaches.

There are 30 bicycle rental shops offering approximately 15,000 bicycles for rent. We went everywhere by bike and put on 152 miles while we were there for one week.

We also met John, one of the bike ambassadors. He greets people on the paths, hands out maps and answers questions about the area.

Charles E. Fraser was an American real estate developer whose vision helped transform South Carolina’s Hilton Head Island from a sparsely populated sea island into a world-class resort. Fraser’s brand was built on being green. The master plan for Sea Pines made preserving ecological integrity a priority, and Fraser later remarked that “one’s duty is to dress and keep the earth” and to “protect it for the next generation and the next generation.”

Sea Pines became one of the first projects to combine golf and real estate development in a planned community, one of the first to use covenants and deed restrictions to protect the environment. His claim was that you can walk with nature. Here is a photo of him walking with an alligator and Fred.

It was Memorial Day weekend and we rode by this old cemetery. We decided to stop and see the dates on the headstones. We saw this one from the Revolutionary War. For those not up on their history;
The American Revolutionary War, also known as the American War of Independence, was an 18th-century war between Great Britain and its Thirteen Colonies which declared independence as the United States of America.

We stayed at Hilton Head Motorcoach Resort, one of the top RV resorts in the country. We loved it so much we booked to come back for Labor Day!

Next up we are going to Margaritaville…but where?

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