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Back to Biltmore Again

Our first trip to the Biltmore Estate was in 2018 . See our previous blog “Who needs a 178,926 square ft. house?” in July 2018. The property is so big that it is hard to see in one day.  We decided to go back and do a different tour and spend more time in the gardens.

While we were there they had a special display in the Conservatory of model trains. These displays feature a variety of Biltmore area structures, each handcrafted in meticulous detail from all-natural elements as leaves, bark, and twigs.

There are 6 different outdoor gardens. It was nice to take our time and wander around this area.

With 800 feet of rails and trains traversing six separate lines at different eye levels.

And of course there was the beautiful flowers.

Look who we ran into – Jan and Donna Randles.

We did a behind the scenes tour of the rooftops. We saw amazing views from rooftops and balconies and get a closer look at the design and construction of the Biltmore House.

One of the interesting facts that we learned was that the metal tops of the roof were all custom made with his initials, GV. To the right is the family crest with the acorn and leaves.

He also had a particular interest in gargoyles.

He owned the land for as far as the eye could see.

After the tour went to Antler Village & winery for lunch and a look around. 

Our next stop is Renfro Valley KY where we are going to meet some new friends, do some motorcycle riding, and take in a legendary country star’s concert……..stay tuned !

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