Where and What is Renfro Valley? ?>

Where and What is Renfro Valley?

We have stopped here in our last four trips north because it is right off the expressway and it has great fields & streams for the pups to play in.



This time we actually stayed a week and explored the area. We were pleasantly surprised to have many things to do!

Renfro Valley is a neighborhood located in Mount Vernon, KY.  The town of Renfro Valley includes the Refro Valley Entertainment Center. Today, Renfro Valley is known throughout Kentucky for its rich history of “Real Country Music by Real Country Folks.” This tradition continues today with outstanding stage shows put on by the current cast of Renfro Valley entertainers. Also, since 1992, Renfro Valley Entertainment Center has hosted Headliner Concerts that feature a mixture of well-known country singers with newer artists, as well as bluegrass, gospel, and comedy acts. This time they were having a concert while we were there and we bought tickets. 


Do you remember Ronnie Milsap?

Six Grammys. CMA Entertainer of the Year and four Album of the Year Awards. The first country video played on MTV (the ironic “She Loves My Car”). An early champion of NFL star Mike Reid, who wrote many of Ronnie’s #1 hits and who’d go on to write Bonnie Raitt’s second most enduring classic “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” – well I did not so Fred played me hit hits before we went to the concert.  I was glad he did because the guy on stage did not sound like the music Fred played for me! We sat in row 4 and Ronnie didn’t notice we left early.



We were looking for attractions in the area and low and behold we found Colonel Sanders’  first restaurant.



He began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in North Corbin, Kentucky, during the Great Depression. During that time Sanders developed his “secret recipe” and his patented method of cooking chicken in a pressure fryer. They have turned this into a museum and we thought it was a great lunch spot.



One of our other excursions was to a small town called Berea.  Most people would not know this town or the college of Berea.  I do because my mom donates to this college.



Founded in 1855, Berea College is distinctive among post-secondary institutions for providing free education to students and for having been the first college in the Southern United States to be coeducational and racially integrated.  No student pays tuition, each student receives a  “Tuition Promise Scholarship” worth about $100,000 over four years.



Located just south of Lexington, KY, ​Berea is home to a thriving population of weavers, instrument makers, furniture artisans, jewelry designers, glass workers, potters, painters, sculptors and musicians.  When we were there they were having an art exhibition of painted doors.

We also stopped by the Artisan Village to check out the galleries.

They even decorate their rain barrels.

And they also have painted hands throughout the city.

One of the best things we enjoy about traveling is the people that we meet. During our visit here we met Gary and Gertha Mink. Just the friendliest people in KY! We shared a nice dinner at the local restaurant and then they toured us all around town – nothing like getting the local knowledge. They come down to Fl in the winter so we look forward to hosting them in Punta Gorda. Here we are with his brother Perry.

Time to head up to Indiana and Michigan to get some maintenance work on the coach at Entegra Coach and Spartan Motors.

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