The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round ?>

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

But, not without maintenance!

We bought our coach January 2018, and they suggest that you bring it to the factory for a check up while it is on warranty. So we headed to Middlebury IN to the Entegra factory.

So for anyone that has not been to the factory for service, let me explain the drill. First you meet with your service adviser with your list of repairs. Then the tech comes to pick up the bus at 7:00 am and you must entertain yourself until they return it at 3:00 and review what they found, which is usually more than what you expect. Some people spend the day in the customer lounge (not our style). The tricky part of this timing depends on whether they have the parts and how much time they need for the fixes. Oh yes and how much time we have to not throw off our reservations. A big shout out to Mary, Joyce and Todd for their most excellent service!

One of the days we took the factory tour, which is really interesting. After you see everything that is involved with manufacturing one of these motor coaches you gain a lot more patience with the service department.

So it all starts with the chassis.

Then they start building on top of that. Here are the walls going on.

Here are the slide outs going on.

You certainly can appreciate the quality control that needs to go into it. We were very pleased with our advisor and tech. They tried to beg & borrow the parts we needed to leave on time.

One of the day trips we took was to an Amish community. We were very interested in their way of life – Amish are known for simple living, plain dress and reluctance to adopt modern technology.

We started to be able to distinguish the homes and farms. Here is a typical parking lot at the grocery store.

One day we took Lou and Liz to get groomed.

Such a handsome boy.

The another day we went to the Shipshewana flea market.

And then back home to the Entegra lot.

Next stop to Spartan for the all important chassis inspection.

OK so same drill. Meet your service adviser and tech. Give the list, get the list and wait. Do they have parts? Do they know the problem? Yada Yada and oh yes it is Friday. I don’t mean to complain because our tech even came in on Saturday to try and get us back out on the road. A big shout out to Katie and Nick who jumped through hoops to get us up and running!

It is pretty fascinating to see inside the shop bays.

So you make the most of it because you are now there for the weekend. Guess what, there was a hot air balloon festival going on so we decided to check it out.

They had a meet and greet for the kids to collect the cards from the different balloons.

We still want to go to Albuquerque for the granddaddy of balloons, but this was fun.

Next stop one of our favorites…Traverse City MI.

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