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Month: August 2019

First stop in Nova Scotia ?>

First stop in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is one of Canada’s Maritime Provinces (along with New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island), and both its past and its present are tied closely to the maritime life of fishing, shipbuilding, and transatlantic shipping. It became the site of the first permanent European settlement in North America north of Florida.  The province’s present name, which means “New Scotland” in Latin. One of the biggest attractions in this area is the Cabot Trail.  The  Cabot Trail is considered one…

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P.E.I. is more than letters on a menu ?>

P.E.I. is more than letters on a menu

I will confess that the first time I heard of Prince Edward Island was when I asked the waitress what are PEI mussels. So embarrassing! Oh well now PEI means so much more. Prince Edward Island is one of eastern Canada’s maritime provinces, off New Brunswick and Nova Scotia in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The large island is marked by red-sand beaches, lighthouses, and fertile farmland, and is renowned for seafood like lobster, mussels and oysters. The capital is…

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First Stop in the Maritime Province, St. Andrews, New Brunswick ?>

First Stop in the Maritime Province, St. Andrews, New Brunswick

Crossing the border is always an interesting experience. It changes depending which way you are going. Into Canada they focus on guns and alcohol. Guns are obvious and being from Florida they are sure we are packing something. Alcohol is crazy expensive up here so they want to make sure that you are not bringing over the limit which is very low. How much do you think we had? We were excited about our first stop because we had an…

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Lobster Time…Bar Harbor Maine ?>

Lobster Time…Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island along Maine’s Frenchman Bay. It serves as a gateway to the mountains and cliffs of neighboring Acadia National Park.  It’s a pretty little town on the water. Maine Lobster is the sweetest, most flavorful lobster on Earth according to the Maine residents. Here they have Lobster everywhere and lobster everything. Lobster rolls, lobster panini, lobster mac n cheese, the only thing they did not touch was the ice cream. Lou and…

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The Great Debate…Which is Better? ?>

The Great Debate…Which is Better?

Niagara Falls is divided into the US Falls and the Canadian Falls, depending on what your passport says you might just be bias. Well there are some pro’s and con’s. The US side is in the state park so it is not commercial. It has great bike trails and green space. You can also get closer to the water and they have a trolley that goes through the park. Here are some interesting facts about the US falls – they…

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