Lobster Time…Bar Harbor Maine ?>

Lobster Time…Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor is a town on Mount Desert Island along Maine’s Frenchman Bay. It serves as a gateway to the mountains and cliffs of neighboring Acadia National Park.  It’s a pretty little town on the water.

Maine Lobster is the sweetest, most flavorful lobster on Earth according to the Maine residents. Here they have Lobster everywhere and lobster everything. Lobster rolls, lobster panini, lobster mac n cheese, the only thing they did not touch was the ice cream. Lou and Liz even got lobster scarfs and a lobster toy!

Our first night they served lobster at our campground, along with instructions on the proper way to eat it.

It was delicious, but we also enjoyed the mussels.

We took the trolley tour to learn more about this beautiful area.

Back in the day this area was filled with summer homes for the rich and famous. On Oct. 17, 1947 a call came in to alert the fire department to the smoke rising from a nearby cranberry bog. What caused the fire no one ever knew but the world would soon find out about the inferno that destroyed half of Acadia National Park and nearly all of the mansions on Millionaire’s Row in Bar Harbor.

Publisher Joseph Pulitzer, right, with his pilot, unidentified, views the remains of the estate of Mrs. William S. Moore, his sister, at Bar Harbor, Maine, Oct. 24, 1947 after the home “Woodlands” was leveled in the disastrous fire on October 23. (AP Photo/Abe Fox)

Not to worry – they built them back bigger and better.

Another source of pride in this area is boat building, specifically Hinckley boats. The Hinckley Company started in 1928 as the Manset Boatyard in Southwest Harbor, Maine.  Henry R. Hinckley’s focus was on servicing the local lobster boats as well as the yachts of summer residents on Mt. Desert Island.  That first boat was fished hard for 9 months of the year and then varnished up and chartered in the summer months to vacationers.  From the very beginning, the yachts from the Hinckley yard were kept to the highest standards.  This attention to detail made these yachts distinctive and, in time, they would earn the collective admiration of sailors and yachtsmen around the world. There was something in the way they moved through the water — stately, proud and elegant — or swung on their pennants in the harbor at dusk. People who knew boats could instantly spot a Hinckley; those who didn’t were simply able to appreciate the graceful lines.

Next up – It’s time to get ready for crossing the border into Canada and begin our Maritime adventure.

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