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Where and What is Renfro Valley? ?>

Where and What is Renfro Valley?

We have stopped here in our last four trips north because it is right off the expressway and it has great fields & streams for the pups to play in.     This time we actually stayed a week and explored the area. We were pleasantly surprised to have many things to do! Renfro Valley is a neighborhood located in Mount Vernon, KY.  The town of Renfro Valley includes the Refro Valley Entertainment Center. Today, Renfro Valley is known throughout…

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Back to Biltmore Again ?>

Back to Biltmore Again

Our first trip to the Biltmore Estate was in 2018 . See our previous blog “Who needs a 178,926 square ft. house?” in July 2018. The property is so big that it is hard to see in one day.  We decided to go back and do a different tour and spend more time in the gardens. While we were there they had a special display in the Conservatory of model trains. These displays feature a variety of Biltmore area structures,…

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Jimmy Buffet Moves to Buford GA ?>

Jimmy Buffet Moves to Buford GA

A new RV resort named Margaritaville opened in the Lanier Islands just outside of Atlanta and we were excited to explore this area so we fired up the bus and rolled north.     Lake Lanier Islands is a resort complex on built on a small group of islands on Lake Lanier, the largest lake in Georgia, located 60 miles north of Atlanta, Georgia. The resort complex is a recreation destination for the northern Georgia.   Two years ago they…

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Time in the Low Country ?>

Time in the Low Country

So why is it called the low country? The Low Country (capital L, capital C) is the site of the Gullah traditions where the slaves were used on rice plantations, not cotton. There is a cuisine based mainly on seafood and rice. It is not a corn growing region and rice was more readily available than grits. Also, potatoes rotted quickly in the humid heat. So the Low Country Boil was done in the time of the new potato crop….

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Wall Street of the South ?>

Wall Street of the South

Savannah is known for it’s charm and great southern food. We were surprised to hear Georgia was the leading cotton producer in the country, and Savannah was one of the major cotton seaports on the Atlantic. By the 1880s the area was known as the “Wall Street of the South.” The Savannah Cotton Exchange stands as a grand reminder of cotton’s influence on this city. Built in 1886 by Boston architect William G. Preston, the Cotton Exchange was one of…

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St. Augustine ?>

St. Augustine

We had heard a lot of good things about going to St. Augustine so we were excited to explore.  First thing we try and do is go to the Visitors Center and Trip Advisor to get an idea of what we want to put on the list.  We also like to do the city tours too so we went on the hop on, hop off trolly which takes you through the town and narrates the different stops – then we…

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On the road again 2019 ?>

On the road again 2019

It’s starting to get hot here so it’s time to load up the bus and head north. This summer we will be focusing on the eastern half of the county. We will go west to Indiana and northeast to the Maritime Islands in Canada.   Two years ago we got the popular map of America with stickers for each state – here is what we have done so far.     We headed across the state to Port St. Lucie. …

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It’s true, It’s true, There are trolls! ?>

It’s true, It’s true, There are trolls!

We traveled over the Mackinac Bridge into the lower peninsula and sure enough we did find evidence of  trolls!         And they some enterprising little people!     And yes we did get the T-shirt.           I always forget how pretty the Mackinac Bridge is.               But here are some interesting things I learned on this trip: The Mackinac Bridge is currently the fifth longest suspension bridge in…

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What is the difference between a Yooper and a Troll? ?>

What is the difference between a Yooper and a Troll?

The state of Michigan is broken up into two peninsulas – the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. They are connected together by the Mackinac Bridge. Yooper names the residents of the Upper Peninsula and Trolls are the Lower Peninsula. We enjoy staying in the Upper Peninsula at an RV resort called Gitche Gumee because we reserve the end spot right on the water.  This is about as rustic/primitive as we get. Gitche Gumee actualy means “By the big shining sea”  and Lake Superior is all of…

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What do you do in Milton Wisconsin? ?>

What do you do in Milton Wisconsin?

We get asked that question all the time.  First you might want to know where is Milton WI ?  It’s a small town over the Illinois border west of Milwaukee……and the answer is: RELAX We golf, bike ride, take the puppies for long walks and build campfires.     The campground we stay at has excellent off leash areas.   We don’t know why but Lou and Liz decided they were hunting dogs, they went running from hole to hole putting…

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